Single Malt Whiskey - Mash: 2-row, Vienna malt, chocolate, roasted, black, crystal 120, special B

  • This American single malt whiskey recipe is based upon a Russian imperial stout style beer, reformulated for distilling. Using 7 different types of adjunct brewing malts, this whiskey is a roasted, coffee, and chocolate bomb.

Bourbon Whiskey - Mash: 51.5% Corn & 48.5% Vienna malt

  • The large percentage of Vienna malt in this recipe was introduced because of our love for beers made with this malt. There are not many better beers than a well crafted Vienna Lager. This Bourbon presents toasty & malty, with a lingering oak sweetness.

Rye Whiskey - Mash: 75% malted rye & 25% of the mash bill changes with each batch

  • We have found that 75% rye gives us the perfect amount of spice. Rye works really well with other types of grain, the reason we can't settle on just one recipe. These mashes also make for unique barrel selections and barrel blends. Caramel pepper and honey spice is how we describe this whiskey.

Peated Whisky - Mash: 100% heavy peated barley malt, approximately 50-65ppm

  • We love peated whisky. We searched everywhere for the best peated malt. We found it. We use 100% of this malt. We cannot stop drinking this whisky. We cannot make enough of it. We cannot keep it in stock. Bottled only at Cask Strength. 8 bottles left of Batch 3 (109 proof).

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